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Today What I Am Going To Tell You Is Really Amazing.When You Have To Upload Files You Only Remember sites such as:

And Whats Not Acceptable In These Sites Is Not Allowing Direct Linking or Hot Linking however the last two sites offer Direct Linking
that i have stated in my famous sites!
Although why these sites are not used so much because of the file existence.In your files are deleted if you dont login to your account in 30 Days and thats so painful if the uploaded files are deleted and the restriction that you can upload only 100 MB per File is really irritating!

Now What I Will Tell Most OF The Webmasters must not have known about something thats really fantastic!...............

Lets See The Benefits Of The Upload Method I Am Going To Tell!
1.Direct Linking Allowed!
2.Files Are Never Deleted until You Delete by yourself!
3.Upload Files Of Any Size
4.Storage Capcity (Around 6 Gb)
5. If storage is finished dont worry make another account and agin start! and upload!
6.All Free!
7. No Ads
8.After Upload Use your links where you wish to Use!!!

Uptil Now Many Of You Would Have Got Excited About The Unknown Method to Many Of You!!!!.......well to your surprise when i also listened about it it gave me a shock! and now its going to give a shock again to you...............

Well i am Really Busy These Days I Will Tell You About Te Method And Complete This Page until then enjoy yourself and
please note i am not joking or kidding with you in anyway!

The Upload Method:

Now open This Link:

After The Page Has Opened You Need To Sign Up (Free Account). When you are done with all the registration steps.
Login To Your Account.....Once You Have Login It Will Redirect You To The Index Page (Main User Page)

Scroll Down keeping your eye on The Vertical menu at the Left....
There You Will See "My Account Management" ...
Let The Page Load once it is load Click On the Image showing "Create New Webhost Account"

Fill In All The Details About Your New Website and then it will redirect you automatically to My Account Management Page there you will see your newly made website link and at besides that there will be an option of login..................

Login To Your Website by entering the password of the website. After you have login you will see a page like this :

Now Click On File Manager!.......
You Will See An Option To Upload Files
click on it and upload files of any size.
You Can upload 4 files at a time!

Once You Have Uploaded a Message will be there like is uploaded
scroll down and you will see something like this:

  Right Click on ( then select "copy link location". If This Option is not available in your browser then right click on the file and then select properties there you will see address copy the address and then just paste the link anywhere in your site or in your mails and check it for your self that it is working fine~~~~ with direct linking!

Please Note:

Extensions that will NEVER be allowed (don't bother asking us to allow them):

This next list is the ALLOWED extensions, and is sorted alphabetically.

Happy Uploading!....Please Post Your Comments on this Tutorial

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