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Once If You are Able To Program A Design For Yourself by editing Iceblue Basic Design or any of the basic design at OFW.You Are Ready For The Tutorial otherwise i advice you that you should have knowledge about html programming not all but what i say is little bit thats all what is required here.

The Thing I Am Going To Reveal To You Is Real Fantastic.Everybody wants a professional design for his website well with the server of OFW it is not a big deal and if used to you can create a great design for your website...that looks real professional and that your web will get more visits not because of your content but because of your inspiring design.Now Let's START 

Things To Remember IN ZIP FILES (Real Important):
1.Images Folder
2.Index(HTML Document)
3. Style.css File

Step1.....Apply The Design Css-General-Unpopular
Detail:Real Easy To Do

Step2.....Download A Template
Detail:You Can Download Free Website Templates From Many Sites.However I Recommend that you download your templates from these websites:

Step3.......Extract Files
Details:Once You Have Choosen A Template From The Site Download It.The File would be In A Zip Format extract all files of the Zip one.

 Step4.......Paste The Code
 Details:Once You have unzipped the    file search for a file with the name  "style.css" in the template folder.
Open That File With Notepad And
Copy  The Code As It Is.Paste The Code On   Css Code Without Style Tags

  Step5......Title Of Navigation Column
  Details:Paste The Following Code at Title Of Navigation Column
  <style type="text/css">

Now What You Have To Do Is Upload THe Images!

Go To Css Code WIthout Style Tags Where you had paste the code!
ok now you have to do two works at A Time!

Open Dont Use The image uploader as it dowsizes the image and then a problem...... ok)

Now What You Have To Do Is On upload an image(You Will Find The Images IN The Images Folder of The Css Template) and then find the name of the image in Css Code!
I Know its really confusing ok like you upload an image with the name button.gif copy the url when the image is uploaded and then go to the Css code
and with the find facility type "button.gif" and then it would find the image erase "button.gif " and paste the image url where it is present!

Well Now What You Have To Do is Do This Thing To All THe Images until all images are uploaded and their image url is pasted in the Css Code Without Style Tags!

Necessary Code!
Well Please Dont Forget To Paste This Necessary Code In Each And Everypage "Source Code" You MAke if you wont The Page Wont Show Up!

Here Is The Code:
<style type="text/css">
td.nav {visibility:hidden;}
--> </style>

Now The Only THing That Is Left Is The Index File (HTML Document)
Open That File With Notepad And Copy The Code
Paste This Code In The Source Code of Home and Any Page You Make In Your Website and Now
Just Edit The Content As You Like by using the HTML Coding or Just Simply Using The Simple Page Editor
But Remember The Index File Code Should Be Beneath The Necessary Code.

When You Have Edited One Page..lastly save!
and then just open your website and see that your website is really worth

Last Code!
When you have done all the steps please view your website has the design been uploaded alright?? if not then go to Edit Design.......Extended Settings......paste the following code at text at top of page!

"<style type="text/css">
html,body{margin: 0px;text-align: center;}

<font face="Verdana" size=2>

My Opinion.....................
Well IN My Opinion i Advice All OF You People That If You Are A Beginner in Website Designing PLease Dont Use Css Design For Your Website
as it is A Little bit difficult to handle when you have to make so many pages and then paste the necessary code all the times!
and then again edit the page so it takes a lot of practise i advice all of the people that are reading this tutorial and are about to install New Css Template For The First Time
Please MAke Another Website To Check The Design and Make Many Tests and you will surely master this technique as i had!!!

At First it would take some time but after sometimes you are a master and whats the best of all you have a professional design in your website

PLease Feel Free To Put Your Comments On This Tutorial In The Comments Box

Some Of The Sites I Had Made On Css Template Look At Their Design!

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