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Here is a css script for you who wants to change the colour of your input textareas, and you buttons. I mean the (send, login, reset, etc) buttons.
The code should be placed at "text at the top of a page/ text uber design"

Here is the background color code.

<style type="text/css">
input, textarea {background-color:#999999; border:solid 1px #3366ff; color: #099ff;}

Here is the code if you want to have an background-image:

<style type="text/css">
input, textarea {
background-image:url(http://YOUR IMAGEADRESS);
border:solid 1px #7DB306;
color: #099ff;}

You should edit the hex codes, or put the wished BG in the urlspace, to get the colors/ BG:s that fits in with your design.

You can find the hex codes here:

Before editing:

After editing ( The code is, in its place.)

Have fun! Very Happy

Whenever you need help, we will be here for you.
Tutorial By Karibu Design
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